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Ellen Craine works with individual therapists and private practice clinics.  She uses her professional experience and former experience as a member of the MI-NASW ethics committee to assist social workers when they have ethical questions that they would like to talk through.  Ellen references the NASW Code of Ethics in all discussions, and encourages her clients to do the same thing, with the goal of building confidence and competence in social workers to discuss dilemmas they are facing.  Furthermore, Ellen attempts to guide them to resolutions that reflect social work values and ethics.  She does not tell a social worker what to do but rather facilitates them coming to their own conclusions by exploring options that support the NASW Code of Ethics.
Training For Professionals:
  1. Legal and Ethical Issues With Subpoenas for Social Workers.
  2. Legal and Ethical Issues With Domestic Abuse for Social Workers.
  3. Loss and Grief When A Child Is Diagnosed With Cancer.
  4. Ethical and Legal Issues with Divorce, Custody, and Parenting Time Regardless of hte Sexual Orientation of the Parents.
  5. Co-Parenting Effectiveness: What It Is and How to Help Clients Get There.
  6. Coming Soon: Legal and Ethical Issues with Medical Marijuana.


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