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Craine Family Mediation




Mediation can help individuals decide upon issues of spousal support, child custody, property division and more without ever appearing in court.


We offer family mediation in the following areas:

  • Parenting time facilitation, both before and after the divorce is final
  • Property issues before the divorce is final
  • Child support both before and after the divorce is final
  • Spousal support
  • Eldercare / adult guardianship / family caregiver issues
  • Parenting coordination
  • Parenting time for never married parents
  • Divorce mediation (at all stages of the divorce process, including post-divorce)
  • Co-parenting effectiveness education
  • Mediation for cohabitation or separation agreements


Benefits of mediation include that it:

  • Typically saves time and money
  • Is confidential, avoiding public disclosure of private issues
  • Allows you to control the decisions that affect your life


What is mediation?

Mediation is a non-adversarial approach to resolving issues in a dispute.  The process is facilitated by a neutral third party trained in mediation.  The mediator usually also has a professional degree in the area in which they mediate. 


How does mediation work?

Initially, the mediator meets with each party separately to evaluate the appropriateness of the dispute    for mediation. Once a decision is made that the mediation will go forward, the mediator meets with both parties and facilitates a discussion around settlement options.  The mediator facilitates the participants to make decisions allowing each person to realize a positive result.  Once the participants reach an agreement as to the resolution of their dispute, the mediator drafts up a summary of the agreement reached.  Sometimes the agreement needs to be reviewed by legal counsel (in a divorce, for example) before it can be incorporated into a judgement through proper legal procedure.


What does mediation cost and how long does it take?

A deposit is usually required at the start of the mediation process.  If the initial deposit is used up, an hourly rate is usually charged.  The length and number of mediation sessions required will vary depending on the types of issues to be resolved.

At Craine Family Mediation we are neutral facilitators who assist you in the search for an equitable resolution with dignity.  The end result is an agreement that is fair and equitable to all parties.  Our mediators are all approved by the Michigan State Court Administrator’s Office (SCAO) having taken SCAO approved training.  They also have professional degrees related to the area of mediation that they specialize in.


For more information including setting up an appointment, please contact us or call us at 248-539-3850.