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Ellen M. Craine and Craine Counseling and Consulting Group offers the following educational programs for social workers:

  • Screening, safety planning and ethics in domestic abuse
  • Legal and ethical issues in domestic abuse
  • A look at domestic abuse beyond the violence
  • Loss and grief when a child is diagnosed with cancer
  • What is loss and grief and how does yours impact your work with your clients?
  • Legal & ethical issues with medical marijuana (NOW AVAILABLE)
  • Continuing education programs for social workers through EMU

To schedule a class / workshop at your agency, please contact Ellen M. Craine at contact us or call us at 248-539-3850

Recently Completed Workshops

April 20, 2018 Social Work Ethics Institute

In August 2017, the NASW Delegate Assembly approved the most substantive revision to the NASW Code of Ethics since 1996. The Code of Ethics continues to be the most accepted standard for social work ethical practice worldwide. With emergent technological advances over the last two decades, the profession could not ignore the necessity for more clarity around the complex implications of new forms of communication and relationship building through technology.The Social Work Ethics Institute is a day-long gathering designed for Michigan social workers to learn about and share timely and relevant issues involving social work ethics, including social media, technology, religion and spirituality, animal-assisted therapy issues, human resources, and supervision.

April 27, 2018 What Social Workers Need to Know About Subpeonas and Ethics

This seminar looks at what a subpoena is; and when and how social workers should respond to them. The NASW Code of Ethics is utilized for ways it guides social workers around the issue of subpoenas. Case examples are used and participants help evaluate appropriate responses.

"Great Experience" past participant

“Best ethics course ever and I learned so much about subpoenas.” - Workshop Participant April 2018

“Presenter is very experienced – good class experiences in looking in the Code for guidance.” - Workshop Participant April 2018

“Excellent information . . . Great job!” - Workshop Participant April 2018

“This presenter IS your BEST INSTRUCTOR!” - Workshop Participant April 2018

“The case studies i.e. varies situation(s) is/are very great.” - Workshop Participant April 2018

EMU-Livonia: Legal and Ethical Issues With Medical Marijuana 6 hours (includes 3 hours Ethics) June 29

This seminar is a brief introduction and overview of this topic. Topics covered include: a brief history of the cannabis plant and where it came from; when regulation started and why; the current state of Federal Law; and the current state of Michigan (or State) law. In addition, the NASW Code of Ethics will be looked at for how it guides social workers in this area. Case examples from the instructor and participants are used.

Ethical Issues in Divorce and Custody

This seminar provides an overview of the legal definitions of divorce, custody and parenting time. Topics covered include: an introduction to subpoenas and informed consent and challenges for social workers in divorce and custody cases to overcome. Utilizing the NASW Code of Ethics, ethical issues in this area will be addressed. Case examples from the instructor and participants are used.

Loss and Grief Associated with Childhood Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

This seminar reviews what loss and grief is and addresses its relevance from the time of diagnosis regardless of prognosis. In addition, it discusses statistics and different types of childhood cancer. A brief overview of complimentary therapies for cancer treatment are presented. Based on the literature and the Presenter’s own personal experience having a child diagnosed with cancer, this seminar identifies the different emotions associated with loss and grief related to this experience. Utilizing the NASW Code of Ethics and Social Work standards for palliative care and work in health care settings, case examples from the presenter and participants are discussed.

Ethical and Legal Issues in Domestic Abuse for Social Workers

This seminar provides a quick review of domestic abuse. The bulk of the seminar will look at ethical and legal considerations for social workers around domestic abuse including, but not limited to: elder abuse, child abuse, and spousal abuse. Utilizing the NASW Code of Ethics, case examples from the presenter and the participants are discussed and evaluated. //

Very informative. The seminar really broadened my horizons relating to domestic violence.” Seminar participant

“Great presentation!” Seminar participant

“the instructor reminded me of knowing the importance of the Code and consultation.” Seminar participant

October 24, Ellen will be speaking about social work ethics and integrative medicine in pediatric oncology to second year medical  Students at Oakland University’s Medical School.

Below are continuing education programs being offered this year

Business of Social Work Conference (rescheduled from May 10, 2018) - August 10, 2018

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MSU (at Schoolcraft College) - Legal and Ethical Issues in Domestic: Introducing Screening - October 19

This seminar provides a review of domestic abuse with a focus on the more subtle forms of abuse. In addition, a screening tool developed by the instructor will be utilized to discuss the importance of proper screening and how to screen effectively. Safety planning is introduced as well. Utilizing the NASW Code of Ethics, ethical issues in this area will be addressed throughout the seminar. Role plays and case examples from the instructor and participants are used.

Link to registration coming soon

For more information including when and where the class you are interested in is being offered, please contact us or call us at 248-539-3850